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2015 NIAA Annual Conference: Water and the Future of Animal Agriculture

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Michael Coe

Michael Coe has been a member of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture for nearly 12 years. Growing up on a family dairy farm in Kansas, Coe has a deep rooted love for agriculture. Of the many fond memories he has within agriculture his most favorite is whenever he can help a producer solve a problem or issue they have been dealing with in their own business.

Coe's initial involvement with NIAA was through the NIAA ID Info Expo’s starting back in 2002 through the affiliation of his employer Schering-Plough Animal Health and Global Animal Management.

Currently, Coe works with Animal Profiling International, Inc. based out of Portland, Ore. Coe is the Vice President of Animal Health. In this position he is responsible for veterinary technical services, sales and business development. Animal Profiling International is dedicated to the improvement of animal health management through advanced risk-assessment technologies.  API’s practical strategy is unique yet simple – provide technologies that better evaluate the health condition of the animal, resulting in more effective management techniques and more selective use of therapeutic practices to improve performance and returns. 

Just as NIAA strives to advance proactive solutions and drive positive change within animal agriculture, Coe's team at API has the same objective. Specifically using advanced diagnostic tools to enhance animal health.

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