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 is your one–stop resource for finding requirements to move animals across state lines!
Now with Equine, Cattle and Swine Rules and Regs! Coming January 2017: Sheep & Goats
The site is in its first phase featuring cattle movement regulations for all 50 states, and designed to provide quick results.

The Site Is Developed As A Partnership Of The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) And The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA), through which the information gap was identified, and this solution was developed through a collaborative effort of states, USDA, members of both organizations and Trace First, the service provider. The site was officially launched late last fall, and continues to grow. 


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Antibiotic Use - Working Together for Better Solutions For Animal Agriculture and Human Health (2016)


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Equine Diseases Forum

From Farm to Table - Food
Equine Diseases Forum (2016)

Antibiotic Resistance:
A Human Health Perspective

By Steven L. Solomon, MD, FACP, FIDSA
More than one hundred years ago, Dr. Paul Ehrlich coined the term “magic bullet” to describe a highly targeted chemical treatment that could eradicate an infection. Intravenous penicillin, first used clinically in 1941, established antibiotics as the foundation for modern medicine. Read More...   

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The American Association of Extension Veterinarians recently hosted a 2-part webinar series on the topic of bovine pestiviruses, presented by Julia Ridpath, PhD. The webinar recordings are posted on the AAEV website HERE

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Equine Forum

"Advancing ID,Technology & Electronic Health Records"

January 17-18, 2017
Denver, Colorado

Hosted by 

Approved for 13 CEUs by ARPAS

Equine Forum to Explore a Changing World, Technology, and the Horse Industry

Your veterinarian scans your horse’s microchip, takes a photo with their phone, and since the horse is already in their electronic health record database, a form is populated automatically. The vet finishes updating it, signs it electronically and emails the necessary health certificate to you.

“That is where the industry is headed,” Dr. Tom Lenz, member of the NIAA Equine Planning Committee and past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners tells Truffle Media Networks’ Dave Russell in a recent interview about the upcoming NIAA and USAHA-hosted Equine Forum to be held January 17-18 in Denver.

The Forum will explore technology available today, and how it can be used to integrate record keeping systems and registries, and how they can be linked to health records.

Read entire news release HERE.

Listen to interview HERE. 

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