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Equine Health Resources 

1. Biosecurity

a. Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events (California Department of Food and Agriculture)

b. EHV Business Continuity Plan ( Colorado Department of Agriculture)

c. Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook (Australia Animal Health)

2. Domestic Diseases

a. AAEP Influenza Guidelines (2012)

b. AAEP Pigeon Fever Guidelines (2013)

c. AAEP Strangles Document

d. AAEP Vesicular Stomatitis Control Guidelines

e. ACVIM 2005 Strangles Consensus Statement

3. Equine Herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1)

a. IDOHC EHM Incident Guidance Document

b. IDOHC EHM Incident Guidance Document—Executive Summary

c. ACVIM 2009 EHV-1 Consensus Statement

d. USDA EHV Brochure

e. USDA 2008 NAHMS Report on EHM Mitigation Experiences, Lessons Learned and Future Needs

4. Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

a. 2015 USDA EIA Discussion Group Summary Document

b. 2014 USDA EIA Annual Report

c. Iowa State 2009 EIA Fact Sheet

d. 2007 USDA EIA UM&R

5. Equine Piroplasmosis(EP)

a. 2010 USDA EP Protect Your Horse Factsheet

b. 2010 USDA EP Literature Review Document

c. 2009 USDA EP Fact Sheet

d. 2008 Iowa State EP Fact Sheet

6. Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)

a. 2006 USDA USAHA report on the 2006 Multistate Event

b. 2005 Dr. Timoney Article: EVA Is the Disease a Cause for Industry Concern?

c. 2004 USDA EVA UM&R

d. 2002 USDA Fact Sheet

e. AAEP EVA Fact Sheet

7. General Infectious Diseases

a. AAEP Vaccination Guidelines Executive Summary

b. AAEP Vaccination Guidelines

c. AAEP Infectious Disease Control Guidelines

d. AAEP Adult Vaccination Chart

e. AAEP Foal Vaccination Chart

8. Movement

a. Webpage PDF—USDA Equine Import Protocols

b. Webpage PDF—USDA Import from CEM Affected Country Protocols

c. HHHP Handbook

9. Miscellaneous Documents

a. NAHMS NASS 2015 Questionnaire

b. 2016 State Animal Health Officials List

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