Weekly News Bulletin: January 21, 2021

What to Expect for Animal Agriculture in a Biden Administration
National Institute for Animal Agriculture

There are many topics ranging from trade to competition issues, where animal agriculture could see potential action with the new administration. 

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Memorandum of Understanding between USDA and FDA on genetic engineering

The USDA has announced the MOU with the FDA that outlines the responsibilities regarding genetically engineered animals intended for agricultural purposes.

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Investments for cell-based seafood BlueNalu has raised $60 million to launch first cultured seafood item. 

Economic analysis Three economic charts project when and how the economy will rebound from COVID-19.

Bill Gates is America’s biggest owner of farmland Gates has become the largest private owner of U.S. farmland, owning a total of 268,985 acres. 

USDA unveils $2.3 billion in new COVID-19 aid The USDA will pay additional aid to livestock producers suffering from disruption in slaughtering and restaurant demand for meat.

Feed sustainability A digital resource called the Resource Guide on Sustainable Animal Feed has been released to help companies understand and address how the demand for animal protein products affect the environment.

Tyson Foods pays to settle some chicken price-fixing claims Tyson Foods will pay $221.5 million to settle a lawsuit that accused them of chicken price inflation. 

Vilsack sees ag as a tool to battle climate change Vilsack envisions creating new markets that pay farmers and foresters to sequester carbon into soil. 

ASU receives $500,000 grant for meat processing safety The College of Agriculture at Arkansas State University has received $500,000 grant to expand and improve the laboratory space devoted to livestock research.




OPPORTUNITIES in Animal Agriculture

Dealer Statutory Trust Webinar

Livestock Dealer Statutory Trust is now law! Dealer Trust gives sellers of livestock (often livestock auction markets or producers) the legal priority to get livestock back when a livestock dealer fails to pay. If the cattle have been resold, the unpaid sellers are now first in line for the proceeds. 

But how will a Dealer Trust function? What does this mean for cattle producers, feeders, dealers, livestock auction markets, and lenders? Livestock Marketing Association will be hosting a virtual call regarding Dealer Statutory Trust on Thursday, January 21, at 7 p.m. Central via Zoom. 

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American Boer Goat Association hiring Executive Director

The American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) is a founding member of the American Goat Federation. ABGA is a breed registry established in 1993 – a young organization with a lot of potential and a brand new state-of-art office building in San Angelo, Texas. ABGA is actively searching for applicants to fill their Executive Director position. The Association is seeking a dynamic and experienced business professional from the livestock industry. A tremendous opportunity exists to drive technological efficiencies and process improvements for a results oriented executive with a proven track record.

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Aspire Food Group Seeking Senior Animal Nutritionist

The Animal Nutritionist will spearhead a research program to improve the cricket feed, with an eye on improve the quality and quantity of the macro and micronutrients of the crickets while reducing overall costs. The role is within the R&D division and will report to the VP of Research & Development. 

This role will be an important component to our existing team and will position Aspire Food Group to address the massive market potential ahead. The position is located in Austin, TX. 

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Livestock Marketing Association hiring Government and Industry Affairs Administrator

LMA is hiring a Government and Industry Affairs Administrator. The role will be a key member providing administrative and organizational support our Government and Industry Affairs and Legal team.

The ideal candidate will have administrative experience and an appreciation for the livestock industry. However, early career candidates or people looking for a change in career path are also encouraged to apply. The position will serve the Livestock Marketing Association in Overland Park, Kansas. 

For more information or to apply, click here.


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