Registration is now open for Annual Conference, Exploring Sustainability in Animal Agriculture – A Comprehensive Approach. The virtual event will convene April 21-April 23, 2021.

As animal agriculture leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise seek to better understand current agriculture and food system issues affecting their sector of today’s food system, the NIAA Annual Conference provides a forum to learn, collaborate and act.  The 2021 conference theme and agenda provide the opportunity to engage with visionary leaders as, together, we explore their insights and expertise. The annual conference, which overlaps Earth Day on April 22, will feature industry leaders and explore a holistic view of sustainability.

This year’s annual conference was planned by:

  • Nevil Speer, Ph.D. and Lora Wright – Where Food Comes From
  • Eric Moore, DVM – Norbrook, Inc.
  • Len Bull, Ph.D.
  • Chelsea Good, JD – Livestock Marketing Association
  • Kim Kirchherr, MS RD LDN FAND ACSM-CPT
  • Brett Kaysen, Ph.D. – National Pork Board

“Whether you are new to conversations about holistic sustainability in animal agriculture or you’re more seasoned, this year’s Annual Conference is designed to lean in on various aspects of sustainability while inspiring and challenging all of us to do better,” shared planning team member Chelsea Good.