April 1, 2021

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Cold storage report points to decline of animal protein

by American Farm Bureau Federation

USDA’s latest Cold Storage Report, shows animal protein storage levels are still impacted by pandemic demand.

8 Lab-Based Food Companies Creating Exotic Foods

By Nanalyze

Cellular agriculture technology can be used to make meat from pretty much any animal – from kangaroos to humans.

hamburger patties on a grill


Animal agriculture a game-changer for climate change  Cattle can accelerate the process of pulling carbon out of the air and storing it in the ground.

Improve animal husbandry, nutrition, and biosecurity on livestock farms to combat AMR A lack of long-term funding continues to hinder the implementation of national action plans on reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), says the OECD in new report.

APHIS takes step back on RFID mandate  After reviewing 944 public comments about mandating RFID as the official eartag for interstate movement of cattle, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has decided to allow the use of all current APHIS-approved methods of identification until further notice.

DSM launches livestock sustainability platform  DSM Animal Nutrition and Health launched a new sustainability platform – Reducing Emissions from Livestock.

Microplastics waste creates ‘hotspots’ of antibiotic resistant bacteria  New research looks at how microplastics in wastewater plants contribute to antibacterial resistance.

Precision farming in swine  Researchers at Michigan State University will study the advancement of precision farming in the U.S. swine industry.

That salmon on your plate might have been a vegetarian  Farmed fish are eating more soybeans, instead of their old preferred dish: wild fish stock.

Investing in animal health protects everyone  Safeguarding animal health means safeguarding our economy, protecting human health and ensuring a safe, reliable food supply.

Meat and dairy companies slow to commit to net-zero emission A recent study examines the climate impacts of the biggest 35 largest meat and dairy companies around the globe as well as their influence in shaping political responses to climate change.


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