April 15, 2021

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California Dairy Farmers are Saving Money – and cutting methane emissions

by Inside Climate News

A bovine diet of almond hulls, cotton seed, spent grains and other by-products reduces water and energy costs and the land needed to grow feed.

New Zealand will stop livestock exports due to animal welfare concerns

By Global Ag Media

New Zealand announced they will stop the export of livestock by sea following a transition period of up to two years.


Consortium to address antimicrobial resistance The Transformational Strategies for Farm Output Risk Mitigation was formed to focus on minimizing the risk of antimicrobial resistance and zoonoses spread from animals to humans.

NIFA invests $10.77m in animal reproduction wellbeing research The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) recently awarded grants to fifteen animal reproduction and eight animal welfare projects that will enhance research for animal agriculture.

Blockchain could play an important role in future agriculture and food security Big data applications may present opportunities to address inefficiencies from farm to table and improve global food security.

Tyson opens first new poultry plant in 25 years in retail push America’s biggest meat company opened its first new poultry plant in 25 years after the pandemic caused a surge in chicken sales.

Possible pork shortage could strike during summer months As BBQs and cook-outs return this summer, the supply of pork products could be further stressed, experts predict. While some pork products are already experiencing shortages, these may be worsened as restaurants reopen and social gatherings increase.

Innovation challenge American Farm Bureau is looking to award $165,000 to startups addressing challenges for farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

Emergency planning video  Animal agriculture organizations have released the first video in a series that assist farmers and ranchers with preparing an emergency action plan for their operation.

Iowa lawmakers pass bill seeking to stop farm investigations Iowa lawmakers for the fourth time have approved restrictions to stop animal welfare activists from documenting animal abuse on livestock farms.

How did the pandemic affect HR practices in agriculture? While 2020 was a year full of challenges because of COVID, human resources (HR) professionals in agribusiness noted five matters were still more concerning than the pandemic.


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