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Sixty percent of UK people don’t want lab-grown meat

A survey in the United Kingdom is asking the big questions: Are consumers willing to try cell-based meat? Have they heard of genetic modification?


3 in 5 Americans can’t define
“carbon neutral”

Consumers either don’t know what the term “carbon neutral” means or they incorrectly define it, according to new research from Morning Consult.



Disease affecting cattle detected in Kentucky- Theileria orientalis Ikedia, which is a protozoon known to be carried by the Asian Longhorned tick, has been diagnosed in two beef herds, one in Fleming County and the second in Hart County.

Carbon neutral eggs from insect-fed hens make UK debut- While carbon neutral eggs have been available in the UK for some time, the Morrisons offering, branded Planet Friendly Eggs, is thought to be the first time in the country that carbon neutral eggs have been launched as an own brand. What’s more, the eggs come from hens fed on on-farm produced insects.

Environment does not motivate consumption- People who have a critical attitude toward factory farming or who pay attention to their health in everyday life are more likely to turn to meat substitutes. Concern for the environment, on the other hand, plays no role in this decision according to a study conducted by the University of Bonn.

JBS makes key leadership changes- Three JBS executives are transitioning to new leadership roles within the company, resulting from internal promotions.

State veterinarian advises ‘Buyer Beware’ for livestock purchases- Any purchase sight-unseen carries risk, and that’s especially true for livestock. Tennessee’s State Veterinarian is advising livestock buyers of best practices and legal requirements before purchasing animals for import into Tennessee.

USDA sees bigger beef, broiler production-  Beef production is pegged at 27.99 billion pounds, up 68 million due to second half slaughter expectations, with an average steer price of $141.30 per hundredweight, $.80 higher, along with higher exports against lower imports and per capita consumption.

New Zealand farmers fear ‘burp tax’ could lead to destruction of animal agriculture- The country is set to become the first to introduce a ‘four-legged’ emissions tax.

AVMA delegates pass policies on milk, livestock genetic modification – The American Veterinary Medical Association has new or revised policies on raw milk, use of prescription drugs, reporting of adverse events, genetic modification of animals in agriculture, and approval and availability of antimicrobials for food-producing animals.


College Aggies Online

College Aggies Online is an initiative of the Animal Ag Alliance connecting college students from across the country who are passionate about sharing positive, factual information about animal agriculture. Participants receive nine interactive and educational weeks of content to help them become confident and effective communicators for agriculture with guidance from industry and farmer mentors.
The 2022 competition starts September 12. Students and collegiate clubs and classes can sign up here.


California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship Branch seeks new Stewardship-focused Veterinarian

CDFA AUS is seeking a veterinarian to join our team researching current livestock health trends and developing resources for on-farm application based on antimicrobial use and disease prevention strategies for California producers and livestock veterinarians. This position qualifies for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. CDFA AUS is supportive of personal and professional time off and provides excellent benefits, including top-notch healthcare, dental, and disability insurance. Join our collaborative team! Learn more here.


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