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What headwinds can U.S. agriculture expect in 2022?

Inflationary headwinds, supply chain bottlenecks, input cost increases and high energy prices present challenges and opportunities.


California grocers work to stop animal welfare law

California restaurants and grocery stores are suing to block implementation of a new animal welfare law, citing food shortages and price hikes.



FDA: Animal microbial drug sales down 3% – Domestic sales and distribution of medically important antimicrobial drugs approved for use in food-producing animals decreased by 3% between 2019 and 2020, the FDA said in its 2020 report released Tuesday.

Kentucky tornadoes: Could shoppers feel the impact on prices at the grocery store? – The tornadoes that raked across Western Kentucky will hit the state’s farm economy hard and could impact food prices.

Cal-Maine reports imbalance of cage and cage-free eggs – The largest U.S. egg producer reports challenging conditions faced due to the combination of the cage-free movement, retail demand and the pandemic.

Startups in waste – Usually, a manure-related term to describe a startup is not intended as a compliment. But there’s a growing exception to this rule. Waste-focused startups have been scooping up investments lately.

APHIS shares import regulations updates for sheep and goats – The current regulation prohibits the importation of sheep products from countries considered a risk for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). The new ruling removes remaining BSE import restrictions on sheep, goats and byproducts and adds import restrictions on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) for wild, zoological and other non-bovine ruminant species, including scrapies in goats and sheep.

Upcycled animal feed creates sustainable solution for food waste – Up to 40% of the US food supply goes to waste each year. Throughout the winter holidays, the amount of trash produced increases by 25 percent, with food making up the largest category of that waste. Across the country, animal scientists and entrepreneurs are searching for solutions to address this issue by turning food waste into animal feed using thermal processing.

USDA revises order suspending interstate movement of swine – USDA – APHIS has issued a revised federal order to allow certain swine products to safely move to the mainland United States from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, as long as they meet certain conditions. Movements of live swine and swine germplasm continue to be suspended.


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