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Ag technology, acquisitions, mergers, and collaborations
in 2021

Industry experts look back at the year’s emerging trends, their impact on the industry, and where we go from here.


Covid-19 isn’t the only disease disrupting the global meat and poultry industry

African swine fever, avian influenza, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, and more made appearances in 2021.



Upcycled nutrients could become possible feed alternative – Upcycled nutrients from byproducts from the grain milling, meat packing, and milk processing industries may offer swine producers a way to more sustainably feed their stock.

California, Massachusetts laws could raise food prices far beyond their state’s borders – these laws could further raise retail prices for pork, eggs and veal for consumers and dictate significant expenses for producers to make their industrial farms compliant – costs that will be passed on to the consumer.

Minimize cold stress on newborn dairy calves – Newborn calves are the most susceptible animals to cold stress on a dairy farm.

Understanding poultry gut systems to fight Salmonella – Researchers at Iowa State University have discovered a new approach to fight Salmonella in poultry that exploits the linkages between the gut neurochemical and immune systems.

Record beef prices, but ranchers aren’t cashing in – After years of consolidation, four companies dominate the meatpacking industry, while many ranchers are barely hanging on.

National Pork Board invests $15 million to enhance swine herd health – NPB announced a $15 million investment of Pork Checkoff funds in the Swine Health Information Center, extending funding for the center through 2027.


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