The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research & Education is seeking your feedback. Your help is requested to better understand the needs of the animal health industry data privacy and security concerns related to sharing AMR data from animals. The survey can be accessed here.

 Merck Animal Health & Iowa State University announce partnership

The new alliance will bring together industry and university talent to address complex needs and expedite the delivery of animal health solutions to the marketplace.


ADM and InnovaFeed enter into insect protein production partnership

InnovaFeed will supply its black soldier fly protein to ADM’s feed division in order to create high-quality products with a lower carbon footprint than conventional livestock protein.



Could growing feed indoors be a solution for your cattle operation? – Powered by hydroponics, this fully automated system grows nutrient-rich feed ingredients, like barley and wheat, year-round in a controlled environment with minimal use of land, labor, and water.

Livestock CME lean hogs climb as processors seek market-ready supply – Chicago Mercantile Exchange lean hog futures gained on Tuesday, supported by cash prices as packers attempted to pull market-ready hogs forward to slaughter.

NC State professor: Avian Flu’s impact could be huge – Dr. Matt Koci talks about the economic impact of highly pathogenic avian influenza if it were to reach commercial poultry flocks in the states.

German researchers to breed pigs for human heart transplants this year – German scientists plan to clone and then breed this year genetically modified pigs to serve as heart donors for humans, based on a simpler version of a U.S.-engineered animal used last month in the world’s first pig-to-human transplant.

Two new products to help you spot sick animals quicker, better define your herd health program –  Merck Animal Health has introduced an illuminating electronic ear tag that can help feedlots spot sick animals quicker. Zoetis recently introduced an online survey that individual producers can take called Herd Health Simplified

Hardware disease in beef cattle –  Hardware disease is a common term for Bovine Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis; it is usually caused by the ingestion of metallic objects like nails, screws or wire and can be fatal.

Biased study distorts climate impact of poultry industry –  The research falsely claims that ending animal agriculture is necessary to avert climate catastrophe.


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