Kansas cattle deaths had multiple factors but won’t likely impact the cattle market

Thousands of feedlot cattle in Kansas died from a combination of factors revolving around excessive heat. Experts say it will make little to no impact on the current cattle market.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced application deadline for 2020-21 disaster relief

Farmers must apply by July 22 for disaster relief funds through the Emergency Relief Program from damages incurred during 2020 and 2021.



Groundbreaking ceremony for nation’s largest research dairy – University of Idaho and its partners broke ground Thursday on what will be the nation’s largest and most advanced research dairy, providing answers to help dairy producers and crop farmers operate sustainably for decades to come.

Coccidiosis control: Is your program sustainable? – Producers often rank coccidiosis as the No. 1 disease threat to the health, welfare, performance and profitability of broilers. What’s the secret to building an effective, sustainable control program?

Enhance pork meat quality with amino acids – There are several amino acids that can enhance the quality of pork meat. Amino acids not only affect growth and health but can also alter body composition.

Thai chicken researchers replace antibiotics with cannabis – The results have been encouraging so far, but why the compound works is still unknown.

Use of antimicrobials in animals trends downwards – Report shows use of antimicrobials in animals decreased 27% between 2016 and 2018.

Making high-protein feed ingredients from pig waste – A group of scientists examined if duckweed could be used to convert nutrients from pig manure into a protein feed ingredient.

Demand for Organic Meat Is Booming, but There’s a Shortage of Slaughterhouses – Like many fragilities that COVID-19 exposed in our food system, the slaughterhouse shortage was a disaster waiting to happen. Small-scale meat producers have long suffered from a lack of access to processing facilities. Slaughterhouses serving small-scale and organic farmers and ranchers have been in extremely short supply for decades.

How to handle heat stress with animals – Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo, beef systems educator in Cuming County, shares strategies to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of extreme heat.

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44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy

Applications are now open. The next academy begins in September 2022 and continues through August 2023. The program consists of seven courses with nearly 30 learning hours per course. Classes are taught online with pre-recorded lectures.


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