May 20, 2021


Celebrating innovation in animal agriculture

Perspectives from consumers and agriculture on innovations have been very different.


The biggest ideas in farming are also the oldest

Georgia cattle rancher’s focus on soil health helped turn his operation net carbon-negative.



Vegan poultry poses no threat to broiler producers – The upcoming launch of vegan poultry by Beyond Meat will not impact demand for traditional broiler meat, reports Russian magazine, Agroinvestor.

Will beef be shunned? – Could beef become the new coal – shunned by some easily influenced consumers? Despite the changes in consumer preference, U.S. consumption of beef actually ticked up slightly during the 2020 pandemic.

AGCO Foundation Presents $50,000 Grant to Global Animal Partnership – G.A.P. is one of the largest animal welfare standards and labeling organizations in North America. The grant will help small farms obtain animal welfare certifications and build local networks.

Long-range smart tags for livestock– HerdDogg’s new smart tag uses bluetooth to monitor livestock health remotely.

Heat stress in sows may affect piglets’ future health – Piglets born to heat-stressed sows may have health complications, diminished performance later in life and a hypersensitized immune system, according to new research from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

USTR raises dairy issue with Canada, but apparently without progress – U.S. officials raised concerns with Canada’s dairy program during the first meeting of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Commission on Tuesday, but there were no signs of progress on the issue of interest to the U.S. dairy industry.

NaturalShrimp has success with their recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) – A biotechnology aquaculture company has successfully transferred shrimp from nursery to grow-out tanks in Iowa, using their patented, first commercially operational RAS.

Adopted wild horses are being sent to slaughterhouses – A federal program has compensated people $1,000 to adopt wild horses. According to a New York Times report, the horses are ending up in slaughterhouses.


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