May 27, 2021


Can the cultured meat sector get conventional farmers on board?

Is there an opportunity for the conventional and cell-based industries to collaborate? Cultivated fat and scaffolding experts weigh in.


Gene-editing may face an uphill battle with dairy farmers 

The path forward for gene-edited genetics is going to entail juggling farmers’ and consumers’ perception of the technology.



‘Livestock can play a very important role’: New atlas hopes to push ‘climate-critical’ rangelands up the global agenda – Covering 54% of the world’s surface, rangelands support many farmers and ranchers as well as biodiversity and carbon storage. This needs to be given greater priority on the global stage, a coalition argues.

Despite rising chicken, demand Sanderson Farm delays processing plant – Sanderson Farms CEO, Joe Sanderson, shares costs are too high to start on new chicken plant.

Argentine farm tensions build over government beef export ban – Argentine farm groups will halt livestock exports in protest to a 30-day governement ban on beef exports.

Aldi is being sued for its Salmon – A lawsuit against Aldi has been filed over the brand’s claim that their salmon comes from a sustainable source.

3 pizza chains sign on with Better Chicken Commitment –Papa Murphy’s, Cicis Pizza and Mellow Mushroom make pledges shortly after animal rights group releases ‘Price of a Slice’ report.

Salmonella genotyping helps identify contamination source – A new approach to Salmonella gene sequencing can detect the source of contamination in the poultry value chain and reduce the incidence of the foodborne pathogen.

3 pork supply chain disruptors to watch in a post-COVID World – During the National Pork Board’s monthly webinar, Jayson Lusk discussed three potential disruptors that the industry could encounter in the next three to five years.

Study: 87% of emissions in layer production are from feed  – Sourcing alternative ingredients from different regions can help lower emissions on farms.

UNH scientists aim to solve a million dollar problem for aquaculture industry – Jellyfish-like animals are causing major problems for the aquaculture industry and researchers are working to dissuade at an early stage.

Animal-free egg protein through fermentation – Precision fermentation can be used to produce an animal-free egg protein. The egg substitute can be used for baking.


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