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'Farmland' provides insight, hope

By Nevil Speer

For those of us who work in agriculture, sometimes the criticism, negativity and mistruths that swirl around the food industry can be discouraging.

Worse yet, countering it all can seem overwhelming, never mind the everyday challenges associated with food production, like weather, pests, disease, volatile markets, growing capital requirements, etc.

From that perspective, agriculture appears to be an impossible business with limited opportunities. There's simply too much to contend with to ever be successful. Why would any young person ever want to make an occupation out of farming or ranching?

Good luck selling that pessimistic, defeatist view to the young people featured in the film "Farmland." They sure don't view the world that way, and that's a good thing for all of us, or else we might have trouble filling the gap in the race to feed an ever-growing population.  

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