Each year at our annual conference, our members vote to honor the year’s biggest contributors to animal agriculture. Award categories include:

  • President’s Award
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Advocate for Animal Agriculture Award
  • Meritorious Service Award

President’s Award Recipients

2018 Dr. Lucas Pantaleon Pantaleon PLLC
2017 Dr. Carl Heckendorf Colorado Department of Agriculture
2016 Dr. Eric Moore Norbrook, Inc.
2015 Mr. Todd Low Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture
2014 Dr. Hailu Kinde California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System
2013 Dr. Leah Dorman Ohio Farm Bureau
Dr. Jennifer Koeman National Pork Board
2012 Dr. Jim McKean Iowa State University
2011 Mr. Andy Kennedy FoodlogiQ, Inc.
2010 Dr. Michael Coe Global Animal Management
Mr. Victor Velez California Dept. of Food and Ag.
2009 Dr. Lanny Pace Mississippi State University CVM
2008 Dr. Jerome Geiger PIC North America
2007 Dr. Karen Jordan Dairy Farmers of America
2006 Dr. Robert Fourdraine Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium
2005 Dr. Mark Engle PIC North America
2004 Dr. Temple Grandin Grandin Livestock Handling Systems
2003 Mr. James Leafstedt National Pork Board
2002 Dr. Cindy Wolf University of Minnesota
2001 Dr. Robert Crandell Viral Antigens, Inc.

Chairman’s Award Recipients

2019 Angela Luongo NIAA
2018 Mr. Glenn Fischer Allflex USA, Inc.
2017 Mr. David McElhaney Allflex USA, Inc.
2016 Dr. Michael Coe Animal Profiling International, Inc.
2015 Mr. Kevin Maher GlobalVetLink, Inc.
2014 Dr. Karen Jordan Dairy Farmers of America
2013 Mr. Glenn Fischer Allflex USA, Inc.
2012 Dr. Tony Forshey Ohio Department of Agriculture
2011 Dr. Richard Breitmeyer California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab
2010 NLPA Staff
  Scott Stuart National Livestock Producers Association
  Katie Ambrose National Livestock Producers Association
  Scharee Atchison National Livestock Producers Association
2009 Pam Meador National Institute for Animal Agriculture
2008 Dr. Rafael Señeriz Elanco Animal Health
2007 Dr. Nevil Speer Western Kentucky University
2006 Dr. Jerry Torrison University of Minnesota CVM
2005 Amelita Facchiano
2004 USAIP Steering Committee
2003 Neil Hammerschmidt Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium
2002 Jim Fraley Illinois Farm Bureau
2001 Dr. Kenneth Olson Individual Member

Advocate for Animal Agriculture Award Recipients

2019 Mr. Joe Leathers 6666 Ranch
2018 Mr. Ned Arthur Truffle Media Networks
2017 Ms. Sarah J. Bohnenkamp Sarah J. Bohnenkamp Coaching & Consulting LLC
2016 Dr. Mark Engle (Post.) PIC (Pig Improvement Company)
2015 Dr. Tony Forshey Ohio Department of Agriculture
Dr. Lanny Pace Mississippi State University CVM
2014 Dr. Richard Raymond Former Undersecretary for Food Safety
2013 Mr. John Maday Drovers Network
2012 Ms. Teresa Scanlan 2011 Miss America

Meritorious Service Award Recipients

2018 Mr. Scott Stuart Cattlemen’s Beef Board
2017 Mr. Neil Hammerschmidt USDA – APHIS – VS
2016 Dr. John Clifford USDA – APHIS – VS
2015 Dr. James McKean Iowa State University CVM (posthumously)
2014 Mr. Jim Fraley Illinois Farm Bureau Federation
2013 Mr. Jim Carroll Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
2012 Dr. Peter Timoney University of Kentucky
2011 Dr. Taylor Woods Missouri Department of Agriculture
2010 Dr. Leonard Bull Bull Mountain Enterprises / NCSU
2009 Dr. Sam Holland South Dakota Animal Industry Board
2008 Dr. Rick Sibbel Schering-Plough Animal Health
2007 Dr. G. Marvin Beeman American Horse Council
2006 Dr. Don Lein Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
2005 Jim Leafstedt National Pork Board
Nancy Robinson Livestock Marketing Association
2004 Neil Hammerschmidt USDA/APHIS/VS
2003 Dr. Richard Breitmeyer California Department of Food & Agriculture
2002 Dr. Beth Lautner National Pork Board
2001 Dr. Tom Wenstrand Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc.
2000 None
1999 Dr. Dreyfus Froe Pfizer Animal Health
1998 Dr. John Ragan Tennessee Department of Agriculture
1997 Don Gingerich NPPC (posthumously)
1996 Dr. Richard D. Hull Illinois Department of Agriculture
1995 Glee M. Mulder Iowa Farm Bureau
1994 Willard Korsmeyer Korsmeyer Hog Farm
1993 Richard Nelson Holstein USA
1992 Willard Waldo DeWitt, Nebraska
1991 David M. Frymire Elanco Animal Health
1990 Walter Stemler Mid-America Dairymen
1989 Dr. George Beran Iowa State University
1988 Larry Germann John Morrell and Company
1987 Hilman Schroeder National Pork Producers Council
1986 Dr. David G. Thawley University of Missouri
1985 Bert W. Hawkins USDA/NCA
1985 Dewey A. Bond American Meat Institute
1984 Alfred W. Keating American Farm Bureau Federation
1984 Dr. Temple Grandin Grandin Livestock Handling
1983 Harold Minderman Iowa Farm Bureau Federatioin
1982 Philip E. Bradshaw Bradshaw Pork Farm
1982 Dr. Paul Becton USDA, APHIS, VS
1981 Clayton Kingston George A. Hormel Company
1980 Cholm Houghton Livestock Conservation Institute
1979 Neal Black National Hog Farmer
1978 Dr. E.A. Butler Former Iowa State Veterinarian
1977 Leon K. Olsen HawkeyeSteel Products, Inc.
1977 Dr. Milton J. Tillery USDA, APHIS
1976 Andrew Sabinson Oscar Mayer and Company
1975 Bernard W. Ebbing Rath Packing Company
1974 Dr. Jon B. Herrick Iowa State University
1974 W.E. Smith National Pork Producers Council
1973 R.T. Phillips American Humane Society
1972 R.M. McWilliams Moorman Manufacturing Company
1972 Dr. C.A. Manthei National Animal Disease Laboratory
1971 Keith E. Meyers Keith E. Meyers Enterprises
1971 Dr. J.W. Cunkleman Swift and Company
1970 Raymond Parrish Wilson & Company, Inc.
1969 J.C. Rosse Livestock Conservation Institute
1969 Dr. Frank Mulhern USDA, APHIS
1967 Herman Alaberg American Farm Bureau Federation
1967 Gregory Pietraszek The National Provisioner
1966 Harold Stone Rath Packing Company
1966 Dr. S.H. McNutt University of Wisconsin
1965 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Cuff Kansas City, Missouri