Strategic Plan 2024-2026

Leadership of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) established the following Strategic Pillars to guide the work of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) for the next three years. Four (4) Strategic Pillars speak to specific areas of focus for the organization over the next three years.

NIAA Strategic Pillars & Imperatives

1. Convening

NIAA serves as the leading forum to convene diverse thought leaders to discuss and address emerging and relevant issues affecting animal agriculture.

2. Leadership Development

Empower animal agriculture leaders to positively affect the future of animal agriculture in the U.S. and around the world.

3. Communications & Marketing

Disseminate resources to industry, meeting the needs of membership and engaging those who are not yet members through executing timely and pertinent communication strategies to demonstrate the value of NIAA.

4. Fostering Innovation in Animal Agriculture

Facilitate awareness of innovative technologies and practices that are economically viable and scientifically sound to improve efficiency, food security, and profitability – focusing on labor, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare.

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