NIAA councils are developed on current and emerging topics to provide platforms to exchange scientific information, find common ground and seek resolutions across species segments.

Animal Care Council

To identify challenges, opportunities for collaboration, and provide a forum for continuous improvement of the care and handling of livestock.

Animal Health Emergency Management Council

To provide a forum for representatives from animal agriculture, the veterinary profession, governmental agencies and academia to address animal health emergency management (AHEM) issues that may adversely affect animal agriculture or public health.

Animal Identification & Information Systems Council

To play an important role in bringing unresolved issues such as advocating cost effective technologies and systems for modernizing the identification of livestock that has significant implications for residue avoidance, disease control and providing management information to producers.

Antibiotics Council

The NIAA Antibiotics Council seeks to enhance an animal agriculture industry that is aligned with judicious antibiotic use policies and practices.


Global Animal Health & Emerging Disease Council

Bring awareness of emerging foreign and domestic animal diseases to the attention of the NIAA membership, and explore and seek solutions to the global consequences of these diseases for those directly and indirectly involved in protecting U.S. food animal health.

Food Security, Regulatory & Trade Council

Identify current challenges to or problems with national and international trade by cross-disciplinary discussion between Government, Academia, and Industry and recommend solutions  or suggestions for enhancement through the novel application of information, communication, and technology.
To enhance and assure the wholesomeness of products derived from livestock and to encourage research to identify, develop and implement management strategies to avoid and eliminate contamination from products derived by livestock.

2019 – 2020 Resolutions

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