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 What's the News about Goat ID? New Identification Rules (requirements) for Goats

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According to the National Scrapie Eradication Program and National Institute for Animal Agriculture, it comes down to one thing: ID it!

The 2019 Federal Scrapie Regulation Revision means goats including slaughter goats and commercial goats that were previously exempted will need to be individually officially identified or group identified with a group lot ID with some exceptions.

Federal requirements:

  • Sexually intact goats of any age and wethers 18 months of age or older, that are not in slaughter channels must be officially individually identified before moving off the premises where they reside or move as a single flock–of–origin group with group/lot ID and an owner/hauler statement to:
  • another premise belonging to the same flock/herd,
  • to an in–state site to be officially identified, or to a federally approved livestock market (in–state or out–of–state) to be officially identified
Note: If moving across a state line other than to a federally approved livestock market or to another premise belonging to the same flock/herd, an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI)––also known as a health certificates—is required rather than an owner/hauler statement.

For the rest of the requirements, click HERE. NIAA News Release, 03/27/19

One Health — A Common Language

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Why so much gets lost in translation between consumers and animal health and how one company fosters the


Antibiotics use, food safety and sustainability. All are important to consumers, and all relate to animal welfare.

Dr. Judson Vasconcelos, head of Merck Animal Health Veterinary and Consumer Affairs, says farmers and

ranchers increasingly receive questions about these topics and how food animals are raised. That’s not surprising,

as less than two percent of the nation’s population is employed in agriculture.

“One of the things we’ve noticed is that we don’t really have a common language or different tools that can help

them to have that conversation that helps them explain what they do,” Vasconcelos says. “There’s a lot of

information out there, and it’s confusing.” That’s why Merck Animal Health developed important resources for

both producers and consumers, to help translate production practices. A key point of information: antibiotics use.

Click here for the full press release

Downloadable tools have been developed to support producers engaging around antibiotic use. A powerful guide covering 4 tips for advocating around antibiotics is available for individual or organizational/association use, and a library of antibiotic-focused social media images are also available. These images can be easily integrated into social platforms of all kinds to amplify one of the most important health issues of our time, using #antibioticresistance and #onehealth as key hashtags. These tools were funded in part by the beef checkoff.

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Equine, Cattle and Swine Movement Regulations for All 50 States Designed to Provide Quick Results

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The Proceedings are now available from the 2018 Antibiotic Symposium
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2018 Antibiotic Symposium
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Videos - 2018

One Health Series on Antibiotics

 Mark Gardiner
 Dr. Randall Spare
 Dr. Tim LaPara
 Dr. Steve Solomon
 Dr. Justin Welsh
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 Antibiotic Symposium Compilation

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