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New: Antibiotic Information and Tools Page
Introducing a library of resources about responsible antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

These tools offer useful, relevant, current and accurate information on
antibiotic use across the food supply chain.


Share this page with other animal agricultural professionals and use these tools to communicate the positive message that animal agriculture is succeeding in advancing the judicious use of antibiotics for all.

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Burnett Ranches, LLC National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research & Education  Mr. Eric Vinton 
Dr. Akinlabi Oladele Ogunleye is your one–stop resource for finding requirements to
move animals across state lines!

Equine, Cattle and Swine Movement Regulations for All 50 States Designed to Provide Quick Results


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Sheep and Goat ID?

New Identification Rules (requirements) for Goats

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Don't Let Your Goat Leave Home Without It: Nationwide Mandatory Requirements (11x17"PDF POSTER)

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