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2018 Strategy Forum on Livestock Traceability - Click Here to Register!

Traceability – it’s fundamental to many key aspects of the food industry.  Primarily, it helps facilitate transparency and consumer trust – both domestically and internationally.  That’s critical, as more than ever, consumers want to know more about where food comes from.  

Simultaneously, the beef industry recognizes the importance of implementing an end-to-end individual animal Traceability solution to help facilitate traceback in the event of a major disease outbreak.  The 2018 Strategy Forum on Livestock Traceability will bring together beef and dairy producers, cattle feeders, state veterinarians, livestock markets, and technology and data experts, in an effort to advance USDA’s ADT program.  

The forum will be hosted September 25-26, in Kansas City and registration is now open! 

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One Health Series

Stewardship and Resistance: A Rancher’s Perspective on Antibiotics  

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Antimicrobial resistance has received much attention in recent years, as human and animal health officials work to understand the issue. Today, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is bringing both sides to the table with what it calls a “One Health” approach to discuss and collaboratively address the issue. In this video, rancher Mark Gardiner talks about this important issue and what it means to the ranching community.

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Human and Animal Health


"One Health Initiative" concept has been around for more than a decade. It looks at how the environment, human and animal health all connect.

The Beef Checkoff Promotional Board, along with NIAA, are taking the initiative a step further, studying disease transmission, antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance across the food chain.

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talks with Joan Ruskamp, a feedlot owner and cattle producer in Dodge, Nebraska and Dr. Eric Moore, a veterinarian who is the co–chair of the Antibiotics Council of National Institute for Animal Agriculture.

View the 4:25  Video Interview HERE.

By Betsy Jibben, Drovers, 04/19/18

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Antibiotic Stewardship Digital Images Packages

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