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Are Changes Coming to Animal Disease Traceability?

The USDA’s Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rules, in place since 2013, have limited scope and a fairly low level of recognition among beef producers, but ongoing discussions could lead to gradual expansion of the program.

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In her role with the Livestock Marketing association, Chelsea Good has closely followed the development and application of ADT policies.

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Antibiotic Stewardship Digital Images Package 

Download a variety of powerful images to incorporate into your antibiotic social media communication strategies! You’ll find Facebook images, Twitter images and Infographics, with suggested text you can easily copy and paste, providing you a plug and play option to enhance your messaging. You’ll find quotes from beef producers, antimicrobial resistance facts, and more!   


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Antibiotic Stewardship Digital Images Packages

Find a diverse mix of images and content that can be easily integrated into your communication strategies  







You’ll find beef producer quotes about antibiotic stewardship, facts about antimicrobial resistance, and simple tools/infographics that can help people to understand the WHY behind what we do to keep cattle herds healthy and what matters most as we address concerns around #OneHealth

Curious to see what they look like and to learn how to download your favorites? 

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