Antibiotic Informational Tools


To access and download the 2021 Antibiotic Engagement Toolkit funded by the Beef Checkoff, click below.

How Much Do We Believe in the Beef Cattle Story? 
Audio-only “podcast” featuring beef producers Joan Ruskamp and Brett Morris,
facilitated by Dr. Eric Moore. (39:00)

Using Antibiotics: Doing the RIGHT thing.
Webinar video featuring Dr. Randall Spare, veterinarian, and Mark Gardiner,
beef producer, facilitated by Dr. Eric Moore (49:34) 

Watch these short videos on Antibiotic Use for
more info on antibiotic resistance.

  1. Mark Gardiner (2:56)
  2. Dr. Randall Spare (2:46)
  3. Dr. Tim LaPara (3:35)
  4. Dr. Steve Solomon 3:21)
  5. Dr. Justin Welsh (3:16)
  6. Jeroen van de Ven (3:25)
  7. Dr. Bob Smith (3:45)
  8. Dr. Laura Kahn (4:00)
  9. NIAA : One Health and Responsible Antibiotics Use(3:04)