Fact check: What is the largest contributor to climate change?

Social media enjoys debating and pointing fingers when it comes to climate change contributors. USA Today digs deeper into claims made on social media. Climate experts say that the burning of fossil fuels is the largest contributor to global climate change.


USDA moves forward with cattle contract library

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022 directed the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service to create a Cattle Contracts Library Pilot Program to increase market transparency for cattle producers. AMS began gathering stakeholder feedback in April 2022.



Robotics increase data fidelity, eliminate human error –  A Microbial Terroir Analytics and Robotic Scientist at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production spoke about robotic automation and how it’s being used in the lab at the ScienceHearted Center.

Study: Reducing dairy emissions, not performance – Intensive research in the past decade has resulted in a better understanding of factors driving enteric methane emissions in dairy cattle, while increased performance in cattle and technology has made the industry more efficient.

U.S. / EU sparks a trade spat over limitations in the inflation reduction act – Europe is bracing for a confrontation with Washington over the Inflation Reduction Act — the new law that encourages businesses to invest more in the U.S.

The future of animal production lies in its environmental approach – A Over the past decades, the environmental impact of livestock production and manure management has been controlled by stricter regulations for manure storage and spreading.

Free publication focuses on animal agriculture, zoonoses, more – “Zoonotic Diseases in Animal Agriculture and Beyond: A One Health Perspective” was published in November 2022. It focuses on the relationships between humans, animals, and the environment in the spread of disease.

To keep animal protein in the global diet, sustainable investment has a role to play – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring that the growing global population has access to adequate nutrition is a dual challenge. 

JBS USA to acquire certain TriOak food assets – JBS USA has reached an agreement to acquire certain assets from TriOak Foods, a Midwest-based pork producer, for an undisclosed amount, according to a company release.

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