July 1, 2021

U.S. hog prices sink as China rebuilds herd

Prices for U.S. hogs slipped after Chinese government shared that its supplies have nearly recovered from African Swine Fever.

No easy solution on fixing cattle markets

Several factors caused disruption in the supply chain, resulting in a drop in processed beef and over-supply of live cattle.


Critical factors impacting pre-weaning piglet health – Crucial pre-weaning factors can influence the early growth and health of piglets.

SCOTUS rejects meat industry lawsuit against Prop 12 – The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected a challenge by the North American Meat Institute against the country’s strongest law addressing animal confinement.

How aquaculture is taking advantage of renewable energy – Generation Z consumers are 62% more likely to purchase eco-friendly goods. Aquaculture companies can increase their sales and profitability by adopting renewable energy devices.

Considerations when selling off-farm meat – There is a continuing trend among animal product consumers: they want sustainably and humanely raised meat, milk, and eggs.

Rethinking methane: animal ag viewed as part of climate solution – The highly publicized and often criticized gas emitted by animal agriculture, methane, possesses qualities that could help lead the way to climate neutrality.

Space, exercise may be critical to drylot beef heifer reproduction – Space and exercise could be almost as important as food and water to the successful development of beef heifers raised in drylots.

How egg farmers are using TikTok to their advantage – The American Egg Board (AEB) has partnered with TikTok influencers across the United States to showcase their favorite egg dishes from local restaurants using the hashtag #EggDishChallenge.


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