June 10, 2021


Survey shows differences in dairy consumption across age groups

80% of Americans age 55+ consume dairy multiple times a week, 33% under 55 opt for plant-based alternatives.


Is it time to reevaluate organic dairy production standards?

Cornell survey results show that consumer attitudes toward using antibiotics to treat sick animals may be evolving.



Lab-grown meat may not be more sustainable – A group of Oxford researchers say previous studies that examined cattle emissions failed to account for how different types of emissions would affect the atmosphere.

There’s plenty of fish: opportunity for cellular agriculture and biomedicine – Fish cell production could provide a wider range of animal proteins available.

USDA, US Biologic, Inc. announce oral solution effective against major poultry disease – Researchers have developed an oral solution to fight the parasitic disease poultry coccidiosis.

Ballot initiatives could criminalize animal husbandry practices –  Two ballot initiatives moving through Colorado and Oregon would pose major threats to the livestock industry in those states and across the nation.

The tamer the cow, the smaller the brain – The first large-scale study of brain sizes across cattle breeds reveals breeds that tolerate more interaction with humans have smaller brains than those that live more independent lives.

Steps to avoid a VSV outbreak – The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health has released a set of preventative measures to reduce the transmission risk of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV).

New service cuts footprint of meat and dairy as market shifts to environmental impact labelling – Royal DSM has launched a “first of its kind” intelligent sustainability service to deliver “accurate, simple and actionable” farm-level solutions.


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