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African Swine Fever remains a threat

The highly contagious and economically devastating disease African Swine Fever is on the move, now as close to the U.S. as the Caribbean.


Poultry growers urged to prepare 

Migratory waterfowl present a heightened risk for highly pathogenic avian influenza. USDA’s APHIS has confirmed cases in the Carolinas.



FDA will fund studies on alternatives to antimicrobials for use in farmed animal production –  The Food and Drug Administration is providing grants for studies that identify ways to reduce the use of antimicrobials in cattle, swine and poultry production.

Dairy economists answer three buzzing market security questions – President of AgResource Company shares, “There are reasons to finally be upbeat in dairy. It’s taken us eight years to get back to where we were in 2014.”

Ranchers, livestock producers may submit applications for 2021 grazing-loss assistance –  Ranchers and livestock producers may be eligible for financial assistance through the  Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP)  for 2021 grazing losses due to a qualifying drought or fire.

Cold weather nutrition for beef cattle –  All cattle will need extra feed to maintain body condition and manage stress from the cold, but those needs may vary from one group to the next.

Mariculture provides climate-friendly seafood – Products derived from marine aquaculture can deliver high-protein solutions without the high carbon footprint of their terrestrially cultivated foods.

With $500K in federal funds, GMRI to ramp up training for Maine’s aquaculture industry – The Gulf of Maine Research Institute has been awarded $500,000 to create a Maine aquaculture workforce training program that will help students pursue careers in the growing field.


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OPPORTUNITIES in Animal Agriculture

The main purpose of this field-based position in Kansas and Texas is to support technical implementation of TAGim™, an innovative system for real-time monitoring of cattle health in feedlots. This Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) preclinical disease detection tool, automatically alerts feedlot operators of livestock in suspected ill health. TAGim™ aims to improve animal welfare, contribute to judicious use of antibiotics, as well as increase producer profitability and economic sustainability. View full job description here.

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