Soaring butter prices put dairy market and retail prices under pressure

High milk prices are having a downstream effect on other dairy products with the price of retail butter outpacing nearly all other consumer goods.


Animal health battle could have new weapon in hog vaccine platform

New technology with a USDA stamp of approval could offer speedy help to hog producers hit by emerging disease outbreaks.



Biden administration sides with industry on California Prop 12 – The Biden administration on Monday filed an amicus brief siding with the pork industry in its quest to convince the Supreme Court to overturn rulings that California can require pork sold in the state to have been produced under conditions the state dictates.

Analysts watch seasonal beef trends, weather – Wholesale beef prices have shown some seasonal trends. University of Tennessee ag economist Andrew Griffith says the buying is mostly finished for two big summertime meat consumption holidays.

Sheep herd back to attack invasive weeds after five-year hiatus – This year, the City of Missoula contracted with a local sheep ranch to graze sheep on public lands in order to beat back non-native species like Dalmatian toadflax, leafy spurge and spotted knapweed. 

How to best market beef in the midst of inflation – As things begin to normalize, the beef industry is seeing the effects of that at the meat case, as consumers are recreating restaurant meals at home, increasing the demand for USDA Prime offerings.

Gorlinka as a protein alternative in livestock diets – In an effort to find cheaper protein alternatives to enrich livestock diets, Russian researchers are investigating the benefits of gorlinka feed concentrate.

UFL/IFAS to use artificial intelligence to assess livestock mobility – In cattle and swine, scientists are more interested in asymmetry and postures that indicate pain for abnormal function in one or more limbs.

Blue light therapy might ease PPID horses’ coat problems – Horses with equine Cushing’s might benefit from blue light therapy to help them grow lighter, more comfortable winter coats.


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