Is the answer to methane in the genome?

Selective livestock breeding and the ability to decode DNA makes it possible to breed ruminants that produce minimal methane.


Researchers aim to turn dairy waste into biodegradable plastic

The dairy industry has a massive reserve of renewable resources that can be used to develop biodegradable plastic.



USDA launches ‘Protect Our Pigs’ campaign to support the pork industry, pig owners, veterinarians in the fight against African Swine Fever – The U.S. is one of the world’s largest pork producers and the second largest exporter of pork globally. If the disease arrives here, it is estimated it could cost the U.S. $50 billion dollars over 10 years.

Pasturebird introduces solar-powered robot chicken coop – American poultry producer Pasturebird has invented a solar-powered robot chicken coop on wheels, which it says fosters regenerative farming while allowing the animals to “live their best life.”

Animal protein production increases global food security – Animal-based proteins are essential to ensure global consumers have food security, particularly so when the production of other food is being restricted by the war in Ukraine.

Got burping livestock? In New Zealand, you might be taxed – New Zealand recently announced a draft plan to charge farmers for their livestock emissions, in what would be the first effort of its kind.

Wax-free box could improve poultry shipping sustainability – Recyclable corrugated shipping containers could provide the poultry industry with a sustainable alternative to wax-coated boxes.

American Lamb Board partners with Taziki’s to launch 100% American lamb burger promotion – Taziki’s Mediterranean Café and the American Lamb Board (ALB) are partnering on a summer promotion to offer a new burger, made with 100% American Lamb.

Students reimagine rancher’s 30-year-old cattle market prediction model – A group of students at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology have developed software to help farmers better predict the cattle market. These models also provide a comparison for anomalies, like droughts or floods, using historical data trends.

$12.1 million announced for agriculture genomics projects in Alberta – A total of $12.1 million is being provided to 14 agriculture genomics projects in Alberta. Projects range from developing new crop varieties and preventing livestock and plant diseases to improving the genetic selection of livestock and crops for traits such as drought tolerance, feed efficiency, and methane emission.

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