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Meat isn’t exacerbating a ‘climate catastrophe’

Environmental Working Group is concerned about animal ag’s  environmental impacts. The activist group has oversimplified the problem and its promising solutions.


Will CRISPR transform the poultry industry?

While avian gene editing techniques are more complicated than other livestock, CRISPR could revolutionize the industry by improving yield, resistance to disease and better welfare.



APHIS to study antimicrobial resistance on swine farms – USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has begun a new collaborative effort to study antimicrobial use and resistance on commercial swine farms in the Midwest. The work will focus on use and resistance related to animal health and production-related indicators.

Micro-animal farming as initiative to combat hunger – Howard Payne University’s Dr. Martin Mintchev and students from his engineering science senior project course aim to feed the world using micro-animal farming.

New BRD test to aide cattle industry – Pen-side test for bovine respiratory disease may save cattle industry millions and reduce antibiotic use.

Stem-cell breakthrough could preserve diverse livestock breeds – Today, 99% of U.S. Holstein cattle are descended from just two bulls, both born in the 1960s effects. Today, a Cornell animal science associate professor is working to preserve the genetic diversity of fast-disappearing native cattle breeds via gene banking.

The U.S. needs to be prepared for disease outbreaks – Infectious diseases are nothing new, for humans or for livestock. For centuries, they’ve been a consistent issue for farmers and agriculture as a whole. That doesn’t mean we’ve got them all figured out.

Kansas State researchers hope to solve a billion dollar problem – “While our primary goal is to prevent African swine fever introduction into the U.S., we have to be prepared for a swift and effective response should the virus ever enter our country,” assistant professor Megan Niederwerder says.


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OPPORTUNITIES in Animal Agriculture

The Florida Aquaculture Review Council — Call for Statements of Interest

The Florida Aquaculture Review Council, an advisory council to the Commissioner of Agriculture, is pleased to announce a Call for Statements of Interest to perform applied aquaculture research and economic development projects during Florida Fiscal Year 2023-24. Applicants must submit their complete Statement of Interest to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Division of Aquaculture no later than 5 p.m. EST on December 10, 2021.


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